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Life is a Balancing Act

We are busy! We work, we play, we want to do all the things! We also need to make sure we take time to rest.

I love teaching classes, and I would teach every day if I could! My students motivate me to keep learning more about yoga, movement, and how the body works.

Over the last 3 weekends, I have completed the requirements to become a Certified Roll Model® Method Practitioner. This included 2 weekends of training and a test that took most of my Saturday morning to complete.

The Roll Model® Method is a soft-tissue conditioning, self-care fitness format that uses the various Roll Model® Therapy Balls for self-myofascial release (self-massage). This may include breath work, CheckIn and ReCheck, elements of alignment, anatomy instruction and mental awareness (such as conscious relaxation).

This means that I have learned more about myofascial release and how it affects the body, and will be weaving more of that knowledge into my classes.

I'm excited to continue to share this work with you and help you meet your yoga and fitness goals!

But first... it's time for some R&R. I'm headed to Hawaii for a much needed visit with my grand kids. I get to play and read books and sing songs and celebrate my grand sons birthday. I get to enjoy those sweet little hugs and kisses, and the little melt-downs, too! It will be heaven!

I'll be back with Yin & Release at Restored Strength in Marshall on Sunday November 21st at 3pm. Check the RS Wellness Living app for the schedule and to register for your spot. You can also get there from my "Classes" section.

Also, be on the lookout for a blog post from me coming up on the Restored Strength website and Facebook page in the near future! I'm very excited to be able to share content with a wider audience!

Be well!


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