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Balance in Yoga and in Life

Balance – what does it mean?

Balance postures are one thing – an important thing, but that’s not what I’m talking about today.

Balance in life is important. We can’t be all work and no play, but we also can’t be all play and no work – at least most of us can’t!

Balance in health and fitness is critical to support balance in life. We want to be physically and mentally able to play!

People ask, what is the best kind of yoga?

The simple answer: the yoga that you will do!

I watched an interview with renowned Yin teacher, Bernie Clark recently, and he was asked why Yin Yoga?

Basically, it comes down to this, there is plenty of more yang type yoga available, but a balance of Yin and yang is what the body needs.

Yang styles of yoga – these are your typical yoga classes that you can find just about anywhere- work with the muscles. The focus is tightening and strengthening. Creating stability, mobility and even flexibility, mainly in the muscles.

Yin yoga’s objective is relaxing the deeper tissues, releasing the tension or holding in the body. The focus is on placing gentle, consistent stress on the tissues, the bones and the joints in order to trigger the natural building processes to make them healthier and stronger. This increases, mobility, range of motion, and even flexibility.

A regular Yin practice can improve your more Yang type practice.

Add in some regular strength training and conditioning, and you have a well-rounded, balanced fitness program.

Opportunities for both Yin and Yang styles of yoga at Restored Strength in Marshall. Sundays at 3pm Yin & Release. Wednesdays at 7pm De-stress yoga.

You can see the interview with Bernie here. Its about 30 minutes:

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