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Welcome Fall - Need a little lotion?

Fall has arrived in southwest Minnesota.

The drop in temperature from yesterday to today was significant, and for some of us, that can mean stiff or achy joints.

There are lots of things we can do when this happens. Certainly, there are over the counter or even prescription meds, and these all have their place.

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One thing that helps me in particular is movement.

They say, “motion is lotion” and for me at least, it’s certainly true.

I find relief in my yoga practices. Not just asanas (postures), but also in the subtle practices. Pranayama, meditation, and taking time to tune into my body, what I’m feeling and where.

I also do other types of movement.

Last night my sleep was somewhat disrupted due to achy joints.

I woke up this morning still feeling that achiness and because of that, I wondered, should I go to my strength training session?

My answer was, of course I should – motion is lotion, right?

I went, and I let my coach, William, know what I was feeling. His suggestion was, see how your body feels, maybe take it a little easier and let me know if anything needs to be tweaked.

I made it through the session with no issues and went home feeling great. Later, after I got to work, I realized, I had no achy joints. None, anywhere.

I was achy when I woke up and not feeling like I could do much, but once I got warmed up and started the work, the achiness went away, and I didn’t even think about it again until later when I realized it was gone.

Motion is lotion, and even if sometimes we can only do a little movement. A little movement is usually better than none.

I don’t promote pushing to the point of pain. I don’t subscribe to ‘no pain no gain.’ My motto is ‘no pain, no pain.’

Photo by author

My advice is trying different types of movement to see what works for you. It may be different depending on the day.

Have a toolbox that you can draw from, and you’ll feel more in control of your wellness overall, and especially when the achiness creeps in.

Happy fall, now go get your PSL if that's your thing!

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