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At Restored Strength

Yin&Release (SMR Yin)

Sundays at 3pm at Restored Strength in Marshall. 1411 East College Drive

Self-Myofascial Release is a practice that uses tools to target fascia in the body. When fascia is healthy, it is supple, flexible, and supports our bones and other tissues, including our muscles. When fascia is not healthy, it can be dry, hard and can restrict movement and cause discomfort.

Yin yoga is a practice focused on the deeper “yin” tissues of the body: ligaments, joints, deep fascial networks and even bones. By applying gentle, consistent pressure, the body is stimulated to release holding and tension and improve the condition of those tissues.

When we combine SMR with Yin yoga, we get a deeper connection to those “yin” tissues and the benefits increase.

My goal for you is to become freer, more resilient, and more at ease in your body, and to give you a foundation to build your own practice of consistent SMR.

Tools will be provided at each class, but you are welcome to bring your own.

De-Stress Yoga

Wednesdays at 7pm at Restored Strength in Marshall. 1411 East college Drive

Slow, gentle movements with intentional breathing. Short Yoga Nidra may also be included in this class.

This is yoga for the nervous system.

I encourage you to bring a blanket, a bolster (or a second blanket) and an eye pillow or eye mask if you like. Other props will be provided.

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One on One Sessions

Personal sessions are available on a limited basis.
Contact me with your interest and goals. We will work together on a schedule and plan to fit your needs.

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Sign up for classes

Use the calendar to find and sign up for other classes as available.
You can purchase single classes or a class Series.
A confirmation email will be sent to the email address used to register.
Please check your Junk folder and add ClassFit to your accepted senders. 
To join class virtually, click the Zoom link within your confirmation email a few minutes before the class start time.
You can also download the ClassFit app to your device to manage and attend classes.

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