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It is good to be back!


It's been a while, right? I had an amazing time on my vacation! I visited my 18 month old grandson and 1 month old grand daughter, and of course, my daughter and son-in-law!

I played everyday with Finnegan (so glad I've been training for the last several months, at Restored Strength whew!). He's very active and oh so sweet! I love those big, big hugs and kisses!

Little sis Ophelia is a precious little nugget. So content all the time. Love those baby snuggles! I am really looking forward to seeing her personality start to develop as she gets a little older!

I love seeing Sarah as a mom! She's a fabulous mom. I'm so impressed by her. There was a time that both of my kids had decided not to have kids of their own. I supported their decision because it's their life, right? But, I am so happy that Sarah decided that a family is what she wants (without any interference from me) and now has two beautiful children! I'm so lucky to get to spend time with them. I love hearing her talk about how she now thinks everyone should have kids!

It was also a special trip for my husband and I as we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in beautiful Hawai'i! It's hard to have the grand kids so far away, but it's an amazing trip to see them.

We went to the beautiful botanical gardens and waterfall at Waimea Falls, and had some wonderful beach days with the family. We also got to take Finn to the playground in the mornings and just spend some time with him while Sarah had one on one time with Ophelia.

Oh, and there is a gorgeous beach within walking distance of their house, so that was quite a treat in the mornings. There is something so soothing, and meditative about hearing the waves and the sea birds. It seems to drown out everything else and reminds me that we are just a drop, but we are also the ocean!

ICYMI, I will be teaching an in person class on Sundays at Restored Strength in Marshall beginning August 1st! I'm very excited about this class, I think it will be so beneficial for many of you. I'm combining SMR (Self Myofascial Release) with Yin yoga. It's amazing!

Each week, we will focus on specific areas of the body that may be tight, or have stickiness. These spots can inhibit range of motion and can cause discomfort. We will use tools (foam rollers, therapy balls, etc.) to release those sticky spots. Then, in the Yin part of the class, we will get more deeply into the body, helping to release even more. Yin can be very meditative. It's very much a mindfulness practice. We will improve mobility and increase resilience by developing a deeper connection to our body.

I hope you'll give it a try. You can book your spot on the Restored Strength Wellness living app. There is a link in the Facebook events on the RS Facebook page (which I have also shared to my page), or you can get there from here:

It is good to be back and back to teaching in person! In the upcoming blog posts, I'll be writing a bit more about SMR and Yin as well as my journey with the coaches at Restored Strength. Why I decided to take this path and how it has affected my yoga practice and my life!

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